Standard Air Wipe Improves Results and Replaces Inefficient Flat Plastic Nozzles

Last week I chatted with a customer who was looking for some “good” air wipes to replace their current setup. They are in the wire and cable industry and are having a difficult time removing water from their product during higher speed runs (500 fpm). They were currently using (6) flat plastic nozzles that were doing an okay job until they got to the higher speeds, and they were using a lot of air. The nozzles were mounted on flexible hose so they could position them to try an achieve maximum blow off but were still seeing some residual moisture.

Coolant Type Nozzle
Example of the flat plastic nozzle currently being used.

I recommend they use our Standard Air Wipe for this process. The Standard Air Wipe provides a 360° uniform, high velocity airflow, capable of removing the water from the surface of the cable as it passes through the unit. With it’s aluminum construction and included PVC air hose (up to 4″ diameter), it’s a good choice for general, non-corrosive applications. The unit entrains a large volume of surrounding, ambient air, resulting in minimal compressed air usage, much more efficient than the current (6) plastic nozzles being used. The unique, split design of the Air Wipe features 2 halves that are coupled together – One bracket is notched, while the other remains stationary, allowing the unit to be easily mounted around the material.

Standard Air Wipe
Standard Air Wipe available in sizes from 1/2″ up to 11″ ID throat diameter.

For help with a similar application or to discuss how the Air Wipe might be best used in your process, please contact an application engineer.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer




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