Variable Output Force and Flow from EXAIR’s VariBlast Safety Air Guns

Within EXAIR’s Safety Air Gun product range, we offer (2) styles of gun with a variable flow trigger. These CE compliant, lightweight guns utilize an engineered variable flow trigger that is capable of producing variable force upon the target by simply pulling the trigger. The comfortable, full trigger and convenient hanger loop are built-in to the ¼ NPT Safety Air Gun.

The VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns are small and lightweight air guns constructed of a cast aluminum material and is a great selection for light to medium duty applications. Force values of up to 1lb are achievable while remaining among the most efficient styles offered by EXAIR. Constructed with ergonomics in mind, the durable and comfortable grip allows for consistent use without fatigue. The stainless steel valve assembly is designed to provide superior resistance to wear to allow for many years of continuous use.

Just released this year, EXAIR’s VariBlast Precision Safety Air Guns are molded from durable POM plastic. Just like the Compact VariBlast, these guns utilize a variable force trigger design to allow for precise control of the blowoff. Utilizing our range of small Super Air Nozzles (available in both type 316 SS and PEEK plastic for non-marring applications), this gun has the ability to fit into tight spaces while still delivering a strong blowing force. The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun is available with an optional 12” or 20” extension (3” extension installed on base model guns) that can also be outfitted with an impact resistant polycarbonate Chip Shield. The air gun body itself is constructed of a high impact polyacetal material for durable use over many years.

All available models of the VariBlast Safety Air Gun come outfitted with an engineered nozzle that cannot be dead-ended, assuring safe usage for your operators by exceeding the required standards put forth by OSHA under 29 CFR 1910.242(b). With sound levels as low as 58 dBA with the Model 1808SS, these guns are also well below the allowable limits of noise exposure discussed by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.95(a).   

Inexpensive air guns are commonly seen in a variety of catalogs and industrial supply companies. Most contain triggers or other components are constantly need replaced. Additionally, their performance is similar to that of an open pipe or tube and can be extremely wasteful, not to mention a potential OSHA violation.

All of EXAIR’s Safety Air Guns will help you operate efficiently & safely. If you would like to discuss your blowoff process with an EXAIR Application Engineer, give us a call. With products available to ship same day from stock, we can get a solution to you as quickly as tomorrow!

Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_TD

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