Adjustable Spot Cooler Used to Cool Sterilization Chamber

ASC Application

Adjustable Spot Coolers actually have a wide range of uses other than for machining applications. What makes them so nice is they have a convenient 3/8 pipe connection at the cold outlet and the air temperature as well as air volume of the outlet flow is adjustable over a wide range.

In this latest application, a customer had a sterilization chamber they wanted to cool down rapidly to reduce the overall waiting time for the process. In this case, the customer wanted to get the sterilization temperature up to 122°C for their specified duration of time, but then they wanted to cool the chamber to 80°C in under 15 minutes.

So, we recommended model 3725 Adjustable Spot Cooler only. The customer made their first test with the unit operating at 80 PSIG and were able to cool the chamber down to 80°C in less than 10 minutes. Previously, they had to wait over an hour for the heat to dissipate down to the desired temperature. Certainly, this represented a huge time savings for the customer.

Perhaps you have a similar situation. Consider the Adjustable Spot Cooler for your ready-made, small chamber cooler.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer