Weekend Warriors

I know everyone has that list (that hangs somewhere in your house or in your head) of things that need to get done.  Something that has jumped to the top of my list to get done this weekend is installing an electronic brake controller on my brother’s 2009 Chevy Silverado.  Along with race prepping the bike for the final track day of the year.  (It’s ok if you cry.  It’s a sad time of year when we don’t get to ride anymore.)

While I am no stranger to electronics in vehicles through my experience as a MECP Installer, I am always a little hesitant to deal with the electronics which handle the brakes for the vehicle.  So I checked out all the installation instructions and wiring diagrams and found an easy “How To” video that will help me to install the unit.

Then once the unit is installed I will have to test drive with the race trailer empty just to ensure the trailer brakes are in fact working and something like below doesn’t happen.

As long as everything is good then next weekend my friends and I will be on our last trip to Putnam for the year and we will hopefully all be coming back with our MCRA Race License.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer