April Recap

I can happily report that my daughter did not disown me after my blog last week for Earth Day featured her. In fact, she said it was pretty cool. Those aren’t words I hear from my 13-year old daughter all that often.

After seeing my blog entry last week, our Kirk Edwards decided to take family involvement to a whole new level by enlisting his son to perform bicycle stunts just to feed his blog. Poor guy is healing nicely, I am happy to report. The rest of our kids can’t be pleased with where this is heading…

But on to this week’s blog. Some of us at EXAIR were discussing how fast the month of April has gone by the other day. It really has been a busy month. In classic TV fashion, I decided that the easiest way to fill an entry this week was with a recap episode.


April 1 – Professor Penurious makes his debut to launch the EXAIR Efficiency Lab (he’s an odd duck…)

April 1 – EXAIR “Premium” kits for Chip Vac, Drum Vac and Heavy Duty Dry Vac became available (premium kits include the drum)

April 3 – Initial stocking inventory arrives in Russia for our new distributor in St. Petersburg (Здравствуйте!)

April 8 – Visit from our distributor in Israel (shalom!)

April 15 – EXAIR CE-compliant Cabinet Cooler Systems are released (leading the way, as usual)

April 15 – Tax Day #!%#* (’nuff said)

April 22 – Earth Day (EXAIR is a responsible corporate citizen)

April 22-25 – EXAIR products featured at Ecotec 2010 trade show in Athens, Greece (γεια σας!)

April 29 – EXAIR LinkedIn company page goes live

As you can see, it was a very busy April at EXAIR.  We are working hard every day, every week and every month to give customers the information, products and services that they need to save money, save time and improve their operations.

May shapes up to be just as busy as April.  Two international distributors are set to visit EXAIR and another round of new products are due to be released.

Stay tuned for more news.  You can catch the latest on Twitter at twitter.com/exair

Bryan Peters

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