Prof. Penurious Challenges Local Professor

Since Professor Penurious launched the EXAIR Efficiency Lab in April you may have noticed he has been suspiciously quiet. There are lots of good reasons for that, but in as much as he spends most of his time behind closed doors doing experiments with compressed air that most mortals can only dream of, we durst not question him. Rest assured he has been diligently working to reduce the compressed air consumption of our customers. He also continues to broadcast his like for energy savings and his general quirkiness through his Twitter account.

He recently challenged a local philosophy professor, his polar opposite Professor Gilbeam, to an all around trivia challenge. Professor Penurious explained to me that Professor Gilbeam has a degree in “convoluted, disproportionate, inverse philosophy – you know the type (think Donald Sutherland in Animal House)”.   Prof. Penurious told us he wanted to only use questions about energy savings and EXAIR but his competitor, Professor Gilbeam, confessed he would be better served if there were questions about “other stuff like music and tie dying“. The professor appeased his challenger and arranged for the spirited competition.

While Professor Penurious is a straight-laced engineer by heart, you’ll soon see that he can get pretty passionate when discussing things near and dear to his heart – like compressed air conservation or the legendary guitarist and composer, Frank Zappa.  And although not a violent man, he often gets carried away, sometimes literally.

So if you would like someone with that kind of passion to take a look at your compressed air problem, go to the EXAIR Efficiency Lab and let the Prof. Penurious apply his compressed air efficiency prowess to your application!

Enjoy the video.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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