Genuine Fake Rolex

My sister bought a “Genuine Fake Rolex“. My first question to her was how can something be fake and genuine! Although it had the general appearance of the real thing it woefully lacked the quality and value of the real thing. I asked her if she needed service where would she take it since she bought it from a sidewalk vendor who has long since disappeared? She had no answer.

 We are in a global economy and with the internet anyone can set up a virtual company, copy your product, and sell them at a lower price. But…you’ll get what you pay for. EXAIR is the leader in compressed air nozzle technology. Any machine shop can reverse engineer them and sell them under their own brand. Making the stuff is one thing but providing the logistics to support the product and the customer is where we part ways.

To ensure that you are getting the “Genuine “ product, ask these questions:

What is the company’s core business.

Years ago I worked for a company that purchased a product line. While we were in the air tool business, we not in the hot melt glue dispenser business. You would think machining is machining, but that is not the way it worked out. There was so much confusion that it became a “Red Headed Step Child”. They were not able to provide informed support to the customer nor their distribution channels and eventually the product line was dropped.

EXAIR’s only business is compressed air products. All of our people from the president to the mail clerk have a compressed air mind-set. This enables us to perform our individual functions in a way that best serves the customer.

How long has the company been in business and is it a part of a conglomerate

We have all witnessed the ravages of  Wall street profiteers and the ill effects that they have had on once viable companies. We have seen corporate raiders siphon off liquid assets leaving behind an anorexic business incapable of growth and competitiveness.

Not all buyouts are as sinister but to a lesser degree the effects are the same. When a company is owned by a conglomerate all profits go to the mothership.  To reinvest some of those profits back into the company, it has to go through the R.O.I. process. If the parent company can invest those funds more profitably elsewhere, you lose.

Another company that I once worked for was owned by the empire of  Warren Buffet. We were one of many that he owned but the mantra for all of us was the same. When his henchmen would come in for a plant visit, they reminded us that our job was to make money for the boss (Warren Buffet). Sadly that directed the focus of our top management to an accounting game rather than the core values of the company.

EXAIR is privately owned by an owner that knows what makes a business viable and is willing to invest in it to better serve the industry. He is a “bean counter’s” nightmare because he does what is right for the business.

Is the company easy to do business with both before and after the sale?

  • Customer service should be a prerequisite before doing business with any company. Anybody can hang out their shingle but can they support you and their product?
  • Do they have associates knowledgeable on the product that can help you make an informed decision?
  • Do they have a call line should you need help after the purchase or do get a recording and list of numbers to push for this or for that?

EXAIR has been in business assisting customers with their application and saving compressed air for 27 years. When you call you speak to a real person. We have a team of applications engineers that will provide you technical support via phone, Fax, email or online chat.

EXAIR has such confidence in its products that it provides a 30 day evaluation on whatever you order out. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason you can return the product for a full refund. Then it backs it up with a 5 year built to last warranty.

I would be happy to assist you in your next compressed air application.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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