It Isn’t Just Smoke and Mirrors!

You can’t beat a great magic act! Several years ago, I went to one of those big stage “illusion” productions. I purposely sat up close to the stage. I wanted to spot any hidden trap doors or thin cable systems used by the magician to make people disappear or mysteriously float into thin air. I have to admit that I had a hard time trying to pick that magician’s act apart. I spent so much time looking at everything else that I didn’t pay much attention to an empty cage no more than 20 feet away from where I was sitting. It was empty and I figured that the magician was going to use it at some point. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a flash of pyrotechnics and a tiger appeared in the cage. The show went on after that, but ten minutes later I was still asking myself, “How did he do that?”

We get a similar reaction when people see the EXAIR Cold Gun for the first time. Turn on the compressed air, and there’s instant cold air! It’s fun to watch the facial expressions. You get it all – the “puzzled” look, a grin, the shaking head, and occasionally that “deer in the headlights” reaction. There’s no refrigeration unit, no power cords – just a compressed air hose and freezing cold air out the other end. It’s fun to tell them that “it’s just magic!”

Ours is not to postulate how a vortex tube works. It is more important to let people know that cold air can be the solution to the age old problem of heat build-up. Any of you who have used machines or power tools know that dry machining can burn the surface of the tools and materials, shorten tool life, gum up grinding wheels and worse yet, often ruin the part. Instead of burning through tools and parts, or making a big mess trying to use mist coolant, consider a Cold Gun.

Seeing is believing! It’s not as much fun as feeling the ice cold air but, hopefully, this new video can give you a good idea of what the Cold Gun can do.

I can tell you right off that a Cold Gun isn’t a substitute for flood coolant. It can, however, be just as effective as mist coolants where you don’t have the hassle of dealing with the liquid mess, the purchase and disposal of the coolant, and worker related issues of slipping on wet floors or breathing the airborne coolant. Here are some of the success stories to give you an idea what all it can do:

  • A manufacturer of locknuts replaced their troublesome mist systems with (4) Model 5215 Cold Gun Systems so there was no longer the danger of breathing airborne coolants.
  • A machine shop was drilling a thin walled screw machine part with a 1.1mm (0.0433”) jobber’s drill that was breaking after 12 holes. They installed the Model 5215 Cold Gun and can now drill hundreds of holes before it has to be replaced.
  • A manufacturer of aircraft engines uses a belt grinder to remove excess, hard cobalt from reconditioned turbine blades. The grind created burning of the part and loaded up the zirconium grinding belt after 2 blades. They installed a Model 5315 Cold Gun System which eliminated the burning and increased the belt life to 7 blades.
  • A manufacturer of board games uses the Model 5215 to cool the ultrasonic welding horn so they can make more game pieces per minute.
  • A healthcare company uses the Model 5215 Cold Gun to quickly set a hot melt adhesive used on surgical pads.
  • A tool company that makes routers for the woodworking industry installs the Model 5315 Cold Gun on their machines so router bits that used to last 4-5 hours can now last 10-12 hours.

I think you get the idea that applications are limited only to the imagination. The Cold Gun works great and there’s no smoke and mirrors here!

Gary Gunkel

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