Have It Your Way

I can happily report that after reading my last blog entry, my son was too busy laughing to challenge the father-son line of demarcation, at least for now.

Back in the 1970’s, Burger King launched their “Have It Your Way” ad campaign to position themselves as a more flexible competitor to McDonald’s strict menu.  As we all know, everything we see on television or in movies is simply fodder for a remake at some future date.  In true Hollywood and Madison Avenue fashion, BK rolled out this epically bad update a few years back…

BK was willing to adapt their offerings to your own personal preferences or needs instead of offering a rigid list of difficult-to-customize products.

At EXAIR, we can relate to that approach.

Imagine for a moment, if you are just an import-export warehouse that simply buys parts from the lowest bidder around the globe, how difficult it might be to give a customer exactly what they want.  Even if you could actually deliver the goods, how long might it take and how much would it cost if you simply have no engineering or manufacturing capabilities of your own?

As both the designer and manufacturer of our own line of products, EXAIR has all the capabilities we need to offer custom solutions, and we do it just about every day.  In fact, we actually publish photos of many custom configurations in our catalog and on our website just to make sure that our customers know that we can and will make something special for them if that is what is needed to get the job done and make their application successful.

Here are a few examples:

curved super air knife


Need a custom length Super Air Knife?  No problem.

How about an Air Amplifier or a Line Vac with different connections at both ends?  No problem.

Can I get a Cabinet Cooler System with different temperature settings?  No problem.

How about a special Super Air Knife for a cleanroom?  No problem.

If a vendor is unable or unwilling to customize their products to your specific requirements, that should be a very large red flag.  Either the vendor doesn’t care about your needs, simply doesn’t have the capabilities to accommodate them, or most likely both.

How many vendors like that do you need?

Thankfully, EXAIR is happy to let you “Have It Your Way”.

Bryan Peters

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