Am I Old Enough to be Old Fashioned?

Clearly that question is relative. If you are my child the answer is yes, if you are my grandma the answer is no. Lets just say I am old enough to start asking the question.

It dawned on me the other day when I saw a commercial for a razor with 5 blades! No wonder I have a beard, my degenerate double-bladed razor probably just can’t keep up with my whiskers. Then it struck me…

  •  I own (and use) a VCR
  •  I still wear a watch
  •  Levis are my favorite jeans and one of only three brands I can name
  • I physically house over 600 CD’s, most of them released in the seventies (best music era ever and a topic for another day) or have dead people in the lineup
  • I wear my baseball hat with the bill straight forward
  • And I rely on a paper calendar to organize my personal activities

I can hear many of you now – You are just downright old, not to mention old fashioned. In my defense I do have an Ipod Touch and have recently begun to explore the calendar feature.

If it wasn’t for EXAIR my technological and digital media boundaries would still be stuck in the 80’s. Fortunately due to my position at work I take part in blogging (obviously), tweeting, online chatting, viral videos, document communities and  Facebook with the immediate reaction to say please “Like” us. Clearly the preceeding are not things old-fashioned people are involved with (as I breathe a sigh of relief). So how do things work together, how can you use a VCR and Twitter? Allow me to explain…

Fortunately EXAIR, even as progressive as we are, has a foundation made of stalwart and sound principles…

  • If you call us during business hours, a person answers the phone – almost revolutionary!
  • We stock our complete product line on the shelf and ready to ship from Cincinnati, OH. There is no need to fret about a lead time, if you have a problem we can ship something to fix it quickly. We ship orders same day when received by 3:00 pm eastern.
  • EXAIR manufactures our product in the USA, right here in Cincinnati, OH. Another reason we can ship quickly.
  • We are flexible, if you need a customized solution, since we manufacture the products, we can make changes to suit your needs. We do not rely on an outsourced supply of product which we have no control over.
  • Our performance data is real, imagine that! The large volumes of product performance information we place on our website are actual. There is no need to publish air consumption slightly under the competition to fool customers that we are saving more air, no reason to publish force values slightly higher than the competition only to fail at an application in the field.

Now those are some principles an old-fashioned guy can relate to, even if I do execute them via Twitter.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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