Getting to Know EXAIR

I have solved industrial compressed air problems for EXAIR more than 10 years. I can tell you about saving energy and optimizing the efficiency of your compressed air. I could tell you about our processes, our products, our customers and vendors. I can find the most obscure part within our labyrinth of inventory shelves and can find the original prototype of long-lost R and D projects. But this is far from what makes EXAIR, a lesson I have learned while helping with our Facebook page.

I never knew about EXAIR’s involvement with The Smith Family Foundation or that we have sponsored multiple race teams for the Red Legs Run for Home. And that Randy, who began running at age 38 (which makes him certifiable in IMHO), was the fastest guy on TEAM EXAIR. We have also supported the Special Olympics of Ohio Torch Run for many years. These are things I like to know about the company I work for, or about a company I may do business with.

I have also learned that Ivan, our resident Englishman, thinks he knows about football. I just don’t have the heart to tell him there is very little kicking of the ball and it is OK to touch it with your hands. He clearly underestimates the power and pain involved with the game as he complains about anyone who falls on their backside and lingers on the field too long – he just doesn’t understand…

There are a select few who went through the CPR/AED training. They have stepped up to the plate and are willing to help all of us, which is admirable. They are trained to try to save our lives if any of the rest of us should have a serious accident or heart attack or something. But, for me, it really confirms that kissing a rubber dummy is as funny as it was in 9th grade health class.

Vikki’s Uncle started a charity to help kids with cancer and she enjoyed herself at a dinner and dance for the cause. Bob painted a whole house in 7 hours with a team of 22 people for a Paint the Town Cincinnati event. The way he described the organization of this event, it’s no wonder they were able to paint 56 houses in one day!

I learned that my youngest and oldest kid can win a pie eating contest. A contest that Pam organized at our company picnic. And even though we had spots of heavy rain, we can all enjoy ourselves no matter the weather. Jim, Mike and John can cook up some mean burgers and chicken and spent much of their own time cooking for all of us. The picnic also proved that Dan and I handle cornhole tournament victory in different ways… He wore his trophy around his neck the following Monday and I, as usual,  handled myself with humility and dignity (BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR LOSERS!!!!)

Our manufacturing manager rides a motorcycle and hunts and raises a petite little Yorky in a pink vest, who would have figured? Vince finds joy by saving money at the local hardware on supplies to build some storage into his new home, and not paying four times the price at a large brand name furniture store from Scandinavia. Our co-op uses word like “steasy” (stylish and easy) when describing his wakeboard moves, while I am still trying to understand pig latin.

Wow, that’s not all I have learned about our people, but certainly enough for one blog entry. For more on these and other stories visit our Facebook Page.

By the way – we make compressed air stuff too.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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