Saving the Business with a Simple Fix

I received a call from a customer who was in a panic. He does auto detailing for car dealers. He said that it is a competitive business and if you fail to deliver once, you lose your chance to bid for any future jobs.

His  business has been successful beyond his goals and the growth has put a strain on his equipment, especially his central vacuum system. Adding more work stations has demanded more vacuum capacity. Not being able to run a vacuum at all the workstations at one time was causing production to back up. He was getting perilously close to not meeting promised delivery dates and did not have time to quote and install a new vacuum system.

EXAIR suggested using a Vac U Gun transfer system to clean the interiors and direct its vacuum hose into the central system. This way the Vac U Gun does all the work and the central system just provided the air flow to carry it away. In his words “it worked like a charm”.  He worked down the back log, and met his delivery dates.

The Vac U Gun is simplicity in itself. There are a multitude of applications that it solves. If you have an application that you would like to discuss, feel welcomed to call and ask to speak with one of our applications engineers.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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