5 Ways to Save Compressed Air

1. Lower Your Pressure – A general rule of thumb states for every 2 PSIG increase in operating pressure adds an extra 1% energy cost. Increasing the main pressure to make up for a pressure loss always decreases your efficiency. You should concentrate on properly sized piping and filters to eliminate pressure drops and regulate your end use pressure with simple pressure regulators. This may allow you to lower your main operating pressure.

2. Lower Your Air Consumption – While lowering pressure will also lower consumption you probably have bigger issues than simply lowering main pressure a few PSIG. Retrofitting open blow offs and homemade blow offs with engineered products like air nozzles and air knives  is a simple, low-cost and fast way to recover wasted energy.

3. Regulate your Compressor – A regulation control on the compressor itself will allow for adjustments for different production schedules. You can run at peak performance during top production hours and program the compressor to reduce pressure during off hours and weekends. Large systems can use multiple compressors while smaller systems can benefit from newer compressors with this adjustment built right in.

4. Maintain Good Air Quality – Keeping your air quality high can lower maintenance needs, keep the system reliable and consistent, reduce wear on your air powered equipment. If designing a new system it is good to include an oiless compressor and an air dryer to keep good quality air. Good air quality at every opportunity will reduce wear on the entire system and keep down maintenance costs. It will also keep pressure up by eliminating any pressure loss through other filters.

5. Proper Maintenance – Planning your system well from the beginning will clearly reduce maintenance. Monitoring your system regularly is always a good plan as well. Many compressor manufacturers have maintenance services and can keep your compressor up to snuff. Letting a certified technician look over your compressor and system is not a bad idea of you are not staffed for this task. A well maintained compressor will last a long time can allow you to anticipate the service life of the machine and its components.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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