High Temperature Cabinet Cooler, Your Oasis For Hot Summer Conditions

Think about where you work. During the hot summer season, does it feel like this?

Think about all the electrical and electronic control cabinets used around your shop. Are any of them located near to an oven, furnace, or other source of heat? Imagine how hot it gets inside those cabinets with the added load of electronics giving off heat inside. With high temperature applications like these, it is a wonder how many electronics are able to survive the double-threat of summer and of hot processes.

EXAIR actually has a solution for these kinds of applications to keep cabinets in these kinds of applications cool. It is called High Temperature Cabinet Cooler. The High Temperature Cabinet Cooler System is set up to deliver the rated cooling power even under the most demanding of hot applications up to 200° F (93°C). In fact, many of our customers come to us from the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman because our High Temperature Cabinet Cooler has earned its reputation as a robust performing Cabinet Cooling System even in demanding, desert-type conditions. And since there are no moving parts to burn up or wear out, our High Temperature Cabinet Cooler will last for years with little or no maintenance.

If you are in search of your oasis in the desert with keeping your cabinets cool,

Give some serious thought to using High Temperature Cabinet Cooler. You will not be disappointed. Fill out your Cabinet Cooler sizing guide and submit to us today.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer


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