The Cold Gun Really Does Work!

“The High Power Cold Gun really does work!”  That’s a statement a customer I spoke with recently told me during a phone conversation.   Our catalog and flyer had come across his desk many years ago and he had just passed it by like it was another piece of junk mail.   Well when his application suddenly went from being able to use liquid coolant to having to cut dry, his cycle times and process times greatly increased.  He searched for a solution to the problem he was seeing and the tooling manufacturers were trying different coatings and his operators were trying to get him to reprogram the part.  He knew there was a way to avoid all of these recommendations but could not find it.  Until, he was sitting at his desk and remembered seeing EXAIR on a piece of paper with an Aircoolant system.  He did a quick search on the internet and found our homepage

Once he was on our site he immediately found the Cold Gun Aircoolant System.  He ordered a 5330, a High Power Cold Gun System w/ two cold outlets.  When he got the unit in, he immediately hooked it to the machine and fixed the nozzle to dispense the cold air directly at his cutter contact area.   The part ran and for the first time since they had started running the process dry, the machine was cutting a good part at his old cycle time. 

The operators couldn’t understand it and the owner even had a hard time himself.   That was until the machine stopped and they felt how cold the air was coming out of the Cold Gun and they saw the finish on the part.  They put it on several different applications that were running into similar problems with surface finish and tool life and it proved to be a worthy tool for their production line.  

Recently, he had a business acquaintance contact him with a similar problem on a stainless steel milling application.   Our customer immediately recommended the Cold Gun to him and even gave him one from his own machine to try out. 

It is interactions like this that help us to succeed and we thank all of our customers for these interactions.  This is also how we are able to have a case study for every product we offer. 

This is just one of many customer applications that we have helped with over the years.  Our application index and case study files are yet another way that we are able to help our future and existing customers with their compressed air needs.   If you have an application you aren’t sure we have done before, please contact us and let us know.  If it hasn’t been tried before, we’ll do our best to help you find an EXAIR product to make it work.

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