Another School Year, Another Kid in Braces

Just a couple of weeks ago the “last day of summer” was upon my kids and the first day of school loomed. I am happy to report they have successfully made the transition, excluding any whining about homework. They have quickly adjusted to a new routine and we have all begun ramping up for new obligations which replace the more flexible summertime choices.

This morning was our first real test, or should I say my first real test? I am generally out of the house while a kid, maybe two, is leisurely eating breakfast. Today we needed to get two kids to the orthodontist before school. Yep, another kid on the ortho’s invoice. And among the madness of preparing coffee for one and breakfast for four others, I recalled my experiences with having braces…none of them good.

Even upon having my braces removed at the age of 13 my happiness of getting this hardware off for good was quelled. Because along with the leftover bracket cement on my teeth, the large scraping tool the unfeeling hygienist used to remove the cement can apparently also scrape away happiness.  

And the beginning of the process was just as bad. The first thing they did was make a mold of my teeth consisting of pouring pink rubber into my mouth. But I couldn’t swallow it or choke on it or decide for myself when it was over. I remember breaking into a sweat trying not to throw up all over the same hygienist who would eventually scrape cement from my newly straightened teeth. Looking back at it now – I should have let it fly.

But the worst of all was the actual gluing of the brackets on to the teeth, and an occasional replacement bracket. This process insists upon removing all traces of the natural state of ones mouth by introducing a constant blast of hot, dry air which pillages any moisture. I never realized braces could actually prepare you for being stranded in the Sahara. Chinese water torture has nothing on Orthodontic torture – empires could be toppled with the tools of the orthodontic trade.

And they look so good don’t they? Nothing compares to the bright smile of a kid. But smack some glue, brackets and wire on their teeth and they all look like this…

I chose to keep those wonderful memories and opinion to myself upon sending them off to the orthodontist. Things like this are best kept between you and me, I think. And after making it through the Jaws from Moonraker stage, the result of a good smile is worth it. Even I will agree to that.

Not much changes at EXAIR during this new school year transition. Because we continuously make minor adjustments and improvements to our obligation of providing quality product, great customer service, and excellent delivery.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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  1. Love the Jaws photo. I had braces for five years as a teen, so I remember the full-metal version. Now my three teens have gone through them, and those little brackets seem so small. You might check out hints, recipes and resources to make it all easier at, the website of the American Association of Orthodontists. And it really is worth it!

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