Time Flies

Fall is in full swing here in Cincinnati.  The leaves that are left on the trees have turned, and those that have fallen have seemingly all blown from my neighbor’s yard into mine.  I have a feeling that the wind may change directions this weekend.

Time sure flies by these days.

It seems like not all that long ago we were going through one of the snowiest winters that I can remember in quite a long time (Michigan natives are laughing as they read this).  Summer came and went.  It was oppressively hot.  And now autumn has arrived.

It isn’t just the weeks and months that seem to be shorter, the years seem that way more and more.  I glared in mock contempt earlier today when our CFO suggested that I (and a growing group of coworkers) should consider getting a flu shot because we are now over 40 years old.  If I were more adept at scoffing, I would have done a better job of it.

This week does have me feeling older, though.  Tomorrow night is “Senior Night” for my son at his football game.  His mother and I will walk across the field and be introduced with him before he takes the field for his last home game.  He’ll go to his last Homecoming dance the following night.  It seems only a little while ago that he was an awkward little kid with glasses that was waiting eagerly for me every day when I came home from work.  Now he’s an awkward big kid with contact lenses that has other, more important things to do, like picking out a college.

His “little” sister is now a freshman in high school, and she’s awkward in her own “yes-I-am-really-wearing-Vans-with-my-school-uniform” kind of way.  I shudder when I think that she will be old enough for a driver’s license in less than two years.

Tomorrow night promises to both a happy and sad occasion.  It’ll be sad to see him play on that field for the last time.  It will hopefully be happy in the end because winning this game will go a long way towards securing a playoff spot for the first time in nearly ten years.  That’s one great way to remember your senior year.  Go Blue!

Take some time to enjoy today.  Because tomorrow will be here before you know it.

Bryan Peters

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