Is there life after Twitter?

I’ve done a lot to preserve my privacy. My phones are on the do not call list, junk mail does not make it up to the house as I have a garbage pail at the mail post. I give out my email only to those I want to hear from and ban those who resend those senseless jokes that circulate the internet.

I have always embraced technology so I entered the social media fray. To register on Facebook you have to give them all your personal information for all the world to know. No telling what they are doing with this information! Well as far as they know, I am a 90-year-old woman, living at a homeless shelter. Never the less I am getting requests for me to feed their cows! Say what! And what’s up with someone sending me a pink tool shed as a gift. This is craziness! Twitter is a little less intrusive on the personal information but all those tweets come at you at warp speed! How in the world can you read them all! If no-one can read all their tweets, then what’s the purpose of sending out your message?

As with all emerging technologies, the users eventually figure out a way to put it to productive use. When it is all said and done, some new player may even come on board dwarfing Twitter and Facebook.

I learned my lesson a couple of decades ago with the advent of desk top computers. I observed a teenager plugging away at a TRS-80. It dawned on me then that in several years he will be in the job market and competing for my job! I vowed then to stay ahead of the technology curve. Social media is my new challenge.

EXAIR has always been on the leading edge of technology thus they have embraced social networking. Since I am a member of our customer service group, you can find me on twitter EXAIR_JP. I would be glad to tweet with you.

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Application Engineer

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