Winter Static is on the Rise

Winter time brings with it many good things; seasons greetings, the happy new year, warm fireplaces and some folks even like snow (I am one of them). Winter can also bring some bad things like difficult driving conditions, shoveling driveways and an increase of production problems caused by static. 

Did you know that moisture has the ability to reduce a static charge from a surface. Moisture in the air during the summer months is typically higher than it is in the winter, and the higher humidity of the summer can keep minor static problems at bay. But as winter brings the colder, drier air more static related problems arise in production facilities.

Static also comes from insulating materials exposed to friction, vibration or separation. Materials like glass, plastic and paper are good insulators and can create big static charges. As we see more plastic materials being used in production environments we also see more opportunities for static to generate. 

A solution is found by using one of EXAIR’s Static Eliminators. All of our static eliminators use the same technology and power supplies to generate static eliminating ions. These ions can be delivered with an air stream from one of our products like a Super Ion Air Knife or Ion Air Cannon. We also provide non air assisted static eliminators in the form of our Ion Bars and Ion Point.

Air Assisted products can remove larger static charges, charges which are farther away, traveling at high-speed or hard to reach due to some interference. The non-air products are for slow speed applications where they are positioned within 2″ of the statically charged surface.

Fundamentally, the EXAIR static eliminators all work the same way. The difference in the products is generally the shape of the air/ion cloud they produce. The size and shape of the problematic area will typically have an effect on which static eliminator is chose for the job.

We have a broad choice of static eliminating products to cover varied applications. If you need any assistance in choosing the best product or have any questions about static and your application, we will be happy to help.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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