Compressed Air Is Free

I am certain many of us work in places where the production staff believes compressed air costs next  to nothing or even thinks it is free. When they see compressed air doing a good job cleaning, cooling or moving product it is hard to understand that there could be any consequences to using it. But EXAIR knows it is a resource, a utility that you must pay for to produce and saving compressed air is an important piece of keeping your whole production line efficient.

Of course if you asked your production folks exactly how much compressed air they were using and how much it costs, they could certainly tell you. Just like my kids can tell me how much gas and food and electricity cost right? Rest assured, you are not alone. Many facilities do not know their actual compressed air usage or keep good records of its cost. And if you are not paying too much attention to your compressed air system, it is difficult to see opportunities to save it, and ultimately save money.

We have seen a lot of customers who choose to add horsepower to increase system pressure or meet increased demand. EXAIR knows there are many other opportunities to reduce your air demand and/or increase your system pressure without adding horsepower. The EXAIR product line is full of items to help reduce demand, increase pressure and generally optimize your compressed air applications. It is possible to find added capacity in your compressed air system by reducing leaks, minimizing consumption and adding storage.

If you are interested in how you may be able to reduce your compressed air consumption and increase the efficiency of your production, please contact EXAIR. After all – Money doesn’t grow on trees… Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to save and don’t fail to act once you see it.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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