The Wrath and Glory of Warm Weather

Last week we had a taste of warm weather with a couple of days in the mid seventies. After a cold winter it actually took some getting used to. Summer is on its way and with it come the inquiries for cabinet coolers. Last years hot summer generated a ton of cabinet cooler sizing guides for me to calculate. So, I am sitting here exercising my writing fingers in preparation for the upcoming season.

The introduction of electronics for industrial and commercial applications has been a definite advantage. The downside though is heat. Electronics do not do well in hot environments. Most all are situated in some sort of enclosure which prevents heat from dissipating away. Installing vents only allows the entrance of contaminants.

I had a customer in the confectionery business that was having trouble with sugar dust getting into his panels. I jokingly commented that he had sugar-coated circuit boards. He promptly corrected me claiming that he had candy coated circuit boards! The sugar melts and crystallizes destroying the board. It was costing him $1500 each time a board had to be replaced. Installing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System, not only was he able to cool his panel but the cooler imparted a slight positive pressure which kept out the contaminants.

If you would like to size up a cooler for one of your panels, collect the temperature values and enter them into this FORM and send it to me and I will do the calculations for you.

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