Recognize Your Competition, Don’t Spit on Them.

Do you have competitors?      Of course.

Do they speak badly of you?     Some of them.

What do you do about it?     Typically nothing.

This is how I perceive some of our competitors, and generally how we respond to them. Is doing nothing a learned behavior – you bet it is. It certainly does not come naturally for me. Doing nothing when you’re attacked is certainly not a natural reaction, but when it comes to competitors in the business world, it has worked. 

My natural tendency is to get into a spitting contest. And with social media tools at our dispense it could be easy to launch a retort, to spit at the competition. It’s one of the things I do best, I’m a great spitter. I am especially adept at spitting until I have forgotten what the problem is (or was), or spitting in another direction as to distract my opponent.

The thing about getting caught up in it is I have such passion for the debate or argument that I sacrifice the energy for other things – mostly things they pay me for around here: providing customer solutions, saving customers energy, increasing customer safety etc… That ability to do my job well is quickly quelled by taking on the angst of a petty, baseless remark or insult.

So fortunately for me, I have some good examples around here and in my life who have helped illustrate the stupidity of getting caught up in making a senseless point. I am sure it comes to many of us naturally, to defend ourselves. But also remember to choose your battles wisely because those little barbs and jabs are never-ending and rarely worth fragmenting your attention.

Certainly, our competitors will continue to lob insults and run their mouths. I choose to let them fragment their own attention and hold their own angst while we collectively respond by sticking to business as usual and continue growing. Recognition of competition offers reason to grow, spitting at them is pointless.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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