Super Air Knife Used To Blow Water off Anodized Parts After Final Rinse

A new potential client called in recently and was looking for a way to strip water off of his anodized parts after dipping into final rinse tanks. Photos of part trees shown below. 


The tanks into which the products are  dipped have dimensions of 42 inches wide, 86 inches long and 48 inches deep.


 The client wanted to install a set of our 84 inch Aluminum Super Air Knives along the two long edges of the tank to strip the excess water from the parts as they are lifted out. The idea behind stripping the excess water off is to reduce the amount of carry-over from one tank to another which will help to reduce contamination between tanks and also to provide for a drier part after the final rinse. The Super Air Knives will have filtered and regulated compressed air source. The on/off function will be controlled by a solenoid valve that will operate in conjunction with the overhead crane that normally pulls the racks up out of the tanks. In this case, a receiver tank located near to the application will provide the local air storage to keep the air knives operating at their peak capacity.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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