Case Study of Energy Savings by the Installation of Amplified Air nozzles

While performing a Compressed Air/Energy audit of two large printing production lines, our customer documented 86 straight cut copper tubes on blow guns. This is commonplace in most manufacturing plants and is something that you should be on the lookout for. This technique not only wastes energy, but does not comply with the OSHA dead end pressure directive.

Results of the Audit

Test Manifold

The open tubes were tested in a lab for flow rates. Flow readings into a manifold were taken with a range of pressures varying from 20‐40 psi. Dividing the recorded flow rates by the number of tubes resulted in an average of 5.5 scfm per tube.

To calculate energy requirements, peak demand and duration of usage are factored by the number of tubes in the facility, in this case 86. With a usage factor of 40%,  peak compressed air demand was 475 SCFM and average compressed air demand was 190 SCFM.

Installing EXAIR’s engineered blow guns model 1299 compressed air demand was reduced by 43% .

  • Peak compressed air demand was reduced by over 200 SCFM
  • Average air demand was reduced by over 70 SCFM.
  • Measured noise levels were reduced by over 60%.
  • Energy savings were just over $9,000.00 and simple ROI was under one year.
  • The EXAIR nozzles provided a better blow off and at a lower air  pressure.

Below is a statement from the president of the company that did the air audit.

“It is essential that we use all available tools that will offer maximum benefit to our customers. In our business, we must focus on engineered solutions that deliver improved methods to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. EXAIR air guns, nozzles, and their healthy list of engineered compressed air saving products have been a great addition to our efforts as a compressed air/energy auditing company. EXAIR is an important part of our total effort. We are pleased to share this recent success story and hope it provides value to those who are looking for a competitive edge and to be more energy wise.”

Do you have a success story using EXAIR products? We would like to hear the details.

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