Connections – We’re All in This Together

Lately I’ve been interested in the How The Universe Works series on The Discovery Channel.  The premise of the show is to explain some of the often confusing areas of theoretical physics or astronomy as they relate to the formation of our universe.  I find this fascinating.

As the endless questions and possibilities are raised by devoted scientists and dreamers alike, I frequently notice the onset of my own, more philosophical thoughts that depart a bit from the focus of the show.  One of the tangent thoughts I regularly have as I enjoy the program is about the connection of matter, energy, and people.  I enjoy the idea that no matter a person’s location, predicament, or direction they are connected to everything in existence on a fundamental level.

Anyone with children will stress to you the importance of solid fundamentals, as will an engineer.  I spent some time this morning doing calculations for convective heat transfer with respect to time.  I started by refreshing myself on the principles by referencing a blog by Russ Bowman – always a good read.

I quickly realized when working through the problem that although this wasn’t the typical application I’m accustomed to analyzing, the solution was found using the same foundational disciplines I apply to compressed air.  The equations were different, but the connection to the solution was the same.

Maybe this is proof of the connection I find myself pondering.  Or maybe its proof that the engineering department at EXAIR has got you covered.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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