Got Plans This Weekend?

Well, all of us here made it past the “End of the World”, oh wait that got rescheduled.  So now it’s back to our regularly scheduled blog topics.  This weekend I’m going to be hanging out with my daughter all weekend.  My wife is going out-of-town with friends and so I’ve planned all the places we’re going to go and things we’re going to see.  In case you aren’t from Cincinnati or have never been here, we actually do have quite a bit to do.  The other trick is, with the sudden surge in random rain storms, I must have two separate plans.  One if it’s nice outside and the other if it’s raining and nasty.

The first stop on Saturday if it’s nice will be the Cincinnati Zoo, if it’s raining, the Cincinnati Museum Center.  She’s been to both places multiple times but has only been to the museum once with me.  So it will be an interesting time.  I know she loves the new nocturnal house at the zoo.  According to her Grandma she was a big hit because she could get the animals to come up to the glass.  (I’m guessing they thought she was food.)  The next stop will be up to my parents and extended family to visit.  Maybe to a park to play if it’s nice, then home for dinner and playing in the backyard or basement.

Sunday, we will probably visit Taste of Cincinnati, and walk down to the Public Landing to see the river boats.   Even though she’s only 15 months old she still loves food and that’s what the Taste of Cincinnati is all about.  I know I’ll be happy because there are over 40 restaurants that show up to let you try out their top dishes.  Plus it will be a reason for her to get down and walk around, along with a few kids zones I hope.

No where this weekend do I have work on the house scheduled.  Even though this is the current state of one of my gutters.

I’m a strong believer that there should always be a certain level of time dedicated as “technology free” (or gutter fixing free) time that forces child/father interaction.  I’m also a believer that even though the outlook looks clean cut and straight as an arrow it is always good to have a second plan of attack or a different way to approach a problem.  This is what we do at EXAIR also.

Our Application Engineers have a combined 50 years of experience working at EXAIR, if you call with an application the chances are we have solved it or done something similar. With a combination of experience and extensive application database we will do our best to outfit your application for a successful solution.  If for some reason our solution doesn’t work to your liking or you need something different, we honor a 30 day unconditional guarantee.

I know what I am planning to do this weekend, a lot of quality time with my daughter and minimal amount of work.  Don’t let that project at work hang over your head all weekend.  Give us a call and see if we can help.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_BF

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