The Future is Now

There is a video posted on several internet sites showing Apple CEO Steve Jobs presenting his plans for the future Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.  The ultra-futuristic state-of-the-art facility conjures the feeling that the omnipotent high-tech future is now.  The long away days of science fiction are close on the horizon if not here already.

Consider that Spaceport America (a 27 square mile area of land in New Mexico designated as the world’s first purpose built  commercial spaceport) is set for completion later this year, and when complete,  it will begin tourist flights to space.  Consider that there is currently a race to send a robot to the moon between university consortia and billion dollar businesses (Lunar X Prize).  The days of strictly governmental space exploration are coming to an end.

Now consider the advancements in medicine that aim to design preventative medical plans based on individual genome configuration rather than reacting to symptoms and disorders.  Think about the application specific printers that can print skin for burn victims and may one day print human organs.  That’s right, print human organs.

I remember reading about the possibilities of technology when I was a kid.  As I became fascinated with learning how things work, the abilities of mankind intrigued me, and still do.  One of the things most intriguing to me is our never-ending desire for improvement.

I think you can be content and still seek improvement.  Although this is a paradoxical juxtaposition of sorts, I think it’s what we all strive for every day.  Content doesn’t have to mean complacent, and if you need proof look at our line of air nozzles.

We’re satisfied with the performance of the product line, but if we see an area that can improve, we address it.  If you’re in a similar position, where you think you can make an improvement using our products, call us to discuss your application.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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