Youth of a Nation

I am, without a doubt, a product of my generation.  A few nights ago I found myself in my living room with the TV on, my laptop open to facebook with another tab watching an ebay auction, and my phone close since I was having a conversation with a friend via text.

Oddly enough, this was my idea of relaxing in the evening.  There are times when a book and a quiet house do the job just fine, but I’ve become, as we all have, so accustomed to the constant stimulation of the digital age in which we live.

As I sat with all this going on around me, I realized that the relaxing part about it was that there was no concern for immediacy.  If I need to write a text I can pause my show (gotta love DVR!), if my auction is about to close and my phone is going off I can press the silent button and tend to it when the time is right.  This lack of a sense of urgency is relaxing even though it’s a bit ironic that it takes so much going on to make it happen.

Along with the complexity of this relaxation comes an eerily false sense of control.  This scenario was enjoyable because the machines were operating as they’re designed to do and without glitches.  So, all was well.

But, in real life, in the real world where time is of the essence and urgency is a very real thing, it can be a much different scenario.  If an alarm is going off on a machine and rejects are happening, the urgency is very real.  Time lost is very real.  Production loss is very real.

In this scenario of possible despair, rest assured that the engineering team at EXAIR is on staff to alleviate such concerns.  A call or email to our department can be the start (and sometimes finish) to a very productive solution seeking process.  If you have any needs, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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