What’s Your Blood Type

A few weeks ago I blogged about running a 5k with a few of the guys from our shipping department.  I’ve since taken on a new race with one of the same coworkers to put on a few pounds of lean muscle.  We joked around about eating all the cake on cake day (an EXAIR monthly tradition), but this isn’t the kind of weight we want to put on.

As I looked into the subject a bit deeper and spoke to a few personal trainers, I came to find there are a number of diet plans out there.  Every diet plan boasts itself as being the most successful or most efficient, but the one I was most impressed with was based on blood type.  Every person is different and responds to food and exercise in different ways, so I looked into the blood type diet because it appears to address these variables.

My research into the blood type diet came to quick halt when I realized I’m unsure of my blood type.  I considered making an appointment with a general practicioner to run the test, but think it’d be better to donate blood and find out from the Red Cross.  Win/win.  I’ve never donated blood and was curious about the process.  If you’re in the same boat, check out the video below.

So, I’ve contacted the Red Cross to donate blood.  Once I know my blood type I’ll structure a diet around what my body will respond to the best.  In the mean time I’ll keep eating lean meals and regular workout routine.

Knowing how something works is essential to planning and execution towards success.  The time I’ll spend on the edifice of a new diet pales in comparison to the time devoted towards our engineered product lines.  We’ve put in the time to maximize efficiency and limit compressed air use.  If you have a question about our products or how they work, feel free to give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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