The Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day this year certainly was one of extreme weather; from oppressively hot, to thunder storms, then with a grand finale of chilly 61 degrees. Undoubtedly it put a damper on many holiday plans and festivities.

As for me, I stayed in the refuge of climate controlled house and watched classic western TV shows. As an adult with a lot of life experiences under my belt (P.C. way of saying old timer) these shows took on a different meaning than they did to me as a kid. The story-lines depicted the struggles of early Americans pursuing the American Dream while resisting the exploitation of land barons, railroads, banks, and the politicians in collaboration with them.

A century later and the situation has not changed much.  The American worker is still trying to pursue the American Dream under the burden of mismanaged companies who have politicians indebted to them.  The modern day version is not the seizure of land, but the ability to earn a living.

It is no wonder that we have witnessed the rise of  the labor and Tea Party movements. It demonstrates that Americans have not lost the very fiber that has made this a country great.  It proves the resilience of the American worker to pursue their dreams against all odds is still there.

So the meaning of Labor Day to me is a tribute to all those folks who by the sweat of their brow make my country the best place to live. And to those with the courage to take the risk of entrepreneurship which provides the jobs and means for us to pursue our American Dream.

Here’s to the American Worker

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