I’m So Excited!!!

This past weekend I noticed my son’s shoes were getting tight so we went out to find a new pair.  He wanted this, then he wanted that, and when we got to the store, it still changed a few more times.  Then, when he finally saw a pair he liked, he zoned in on them and had to have them.  They were a great looking shoe I would’ve bought for myself (tried to, didn’t have my size) and to make it even better they were less than I wanted to spend and were 50% off too!  #Winning!

Later that night my son asked me if he could sleep in his new shoes.  Before I could answer, he said to himself “No, they would scratch me”.  It made me think back to when a new pair of shoes made me so excited.  I was the same age at the time (three) and I remember the adoration I had for my first pair of Nikes.  Like father, like son.

But, as I am accustomed to do, I thought more on the matter and asked myself what do I feel that way about now?  There were my immediate answers – my family, close friends, philanthropic related activities/studies – but I felt as though I needed a more topical answer.  Something more tangible to enjoy…

Enter the 1108SS Atto Super Air Nozzle from EXAIR!  I LOVE THESE!  Sometimes I have daydreams of making studded belts with a million of these little air nozzles, or spiked collars to sell at a heavy metal concert…  I think about the possibilities of going even smaller and becoming a part of the nano-tehcnology of the future.  Using our futuristic nozzle designs on a microscopic level – the possibilities are endless!!!

But, for now, I’m here at EXAIR.  Just waiting for the right application to come along and utilize the new air nozzles which have been tirelessly perfected…  Can you help me find a home for these destined-to-be classics?

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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