Angry Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is set to be in full swing as people begin to celebrate Halloween, and I’m eager to do something different this year.  I’ve already begun my PLC ladder logic for the Christmas lights and I’ve decided to continue with this “geeked-out” mannerism when I carve my pumpkin.  Initially, I had no big idea for the carving, but a colleague of mine sent me a link to a site showing how to make a “Deathstar pumpkin”.  I was hooked.  But, the deathstar is a bit elaborate and time consuming so I decided to brainstorm a little.

As I considered the alternatives I found that my ideas were either way too elaborate, or completely non-existent.  I thought a bit more, trying to tie into my son’s costume this year (Captain Hook) – still nothing.  Finally, I had the idea when he asked to play his favorite game on my phone – Angry Birds!

I’ve decided to make a relief sculpture of the infamous red angry bird, with hopes my efforts turn out as well as the picture below.

I wrote last week about seeing things from a different point of view, and how we at EXAIR strive to give effort to this on a daily basis.  Our approach towards many applications often gives rise to the specific solution or sparks a series of ideas which lead to the solution.  Always brainstorming and weighing ideas against a desired outcome is one of the engineering department’s strong suits.  Whether we’re facing space restraints in an extrusion process, static control on a production line, or what to carve on a pumpkin, our minds are always working.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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