Pride in Ownership

A lot of guys (girls too, but primarily guys) are loyalists to a particular automobile manufacturer. Perhaps a guy is a “Ford Man” because his favorite NASCAR driver drives a Ford. Or maybe he’s a “Chevy Man” because he fixed up an old Nova when he was a teenager. Then there’s the “Dodge Man” whose Dad’s Challenger was the fastest car in town. Regardless, they all have their reasons, and their devotion is strong.

I don’t mean this to be an endorsement for a particular company, but I’m a “Ford Man.” First new car I ever bought was a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon LX. It had six miles on the odometer, and reeked of New Car Smell. My plan was to pay it off quickly, maintain it fastidiously, and drive the wheels off of it. I did everything the manual said to do, when it said to do it. I put 197,000 miles on that car over the next eleven years, and, aside from gas, oil and tires, spent about $1,500 keeping it up.  And for eight of those years, I didn’t have a car payment.  Those were good years indeed!

I’ve been fielding technical service and application assistance calls at EXAIR for almost nine months now. Rarely does a week go by without a new (new to me, anyway) application presenting itself for the first time. I am starting to notice something of a trend, though: the return customer.

Sometimes they’ve used a similar EXAIR product in a similar application. Sometimes, it was at a previous place of employment even. Other times, they just plain think of EXAIR when it’s a compressed air-related question…and it’s not just our products’ reputations – we’ve been known to provide technical assistance with products we didn’t make, and applications outside the specific scope of our products.

The Return Customer seems to be spurred on just as often by a positive experience with an EXAIR product as a positive encounter with an EXAIR associate. For that reason, I’m doubly proud to take ownership in the service I provide here.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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