I Love Reading and Talking to Customers About Energy Efficiency and Solving Production Problems

If you were not aware, we at EXAIR are quite avid at posting to our Facebook page and Tweeting on a variety of topics that cover the full spectrum from why LED light bulbs cost so much to compressed air safety to new product releases and so on. Our team has really embraced the social media scene and run with it. I have recently been making in-roads to boost my Twitter follower status @EXAIR_NR (shameless plug)  and just like anything else, when you give it the attention it needs, it will flourish.

Why do I mention all of this social media stuff anyway? I love reading about how new wind farms are up and running now which can provide power to thousands of homes.  I also like reading about new ways to harness the sun with things like solar shingles and solar tower projects that produce steam by focusing the energy of the sun through mirrors onto a central collection point or a similar scheme where a large chimney is built to create a draft in a confined space in order to cause airflow to move over fan blades attached to generators. I realize that no technology is perfect and all of these ideas have their detractors. (I’m a casual observer). But the point is that if we continue to search for new ways to create and harness energy and keep refining the many technologies available, we will eventually arrive at a collection of many ideas and sources of energy that will sustain us for the foreseeable future.

At EXAIR part of my job is to discuss with customers how they, too, can improve on their existing technologies to use their compressed air energy in a more effective and energy sustaining way. Whether that be to replace an open copper tube with an engineered nozzle, or to replace a drilled pipe with a Super Air Knife, we have the same mindset. We also like to take a multi-point approach to compressed air savings with the use of tools such as the Ultrasonic Leak Detector so that customers can find the leaks at pipe joints, old filters, regulators and valves that just sap energy from their compressed air system leaving that much less energy for useful production. Another, final point about the multi-point approach to overall cost savings would be through implementing our compressed air solutions to achieve significant boosts in productivity by having one of our products installed to improve a process and take away a production headache that was a once prominent problem.

Energy savings and problem solving are the names of the game. EXAIR has a large selection of tools to help customers solve those problems and we also have an experienced staff with a lot of diversity who can help you apply the products so you can achieve the most effective result.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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