Fume Control

A frequent application request is fume control. You would think the mechanical contractors that install exhaust hoods would know that they only have a short distance of effective pull yet they install them a county mile away from the source.

One such example was an engine test stand. The heat of the engine would burn off the paint and emit fumes in the building. An exhaust hood was erected above the workstation and would be effective if the air was very still. Any side currents caused by equipment passing by would cause the fumes to stray from their path up to the hood. For this application we used (2) 24″ super air knives model 110024  to act as an air curtain and direct the fumes into the hood.

Plating tanks are another popular application. Mounting the hoods high enough above the tanks to allow clearance for the loading and unloading mechanism present the same challenge as the engine test stand application. The same solution, using air knives applies.

For side mounted hoods, an air knife is mounted on the edge opposite the hood blowing across the tank and into the hood.

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