Leaving Pets in Cars & Leaving Electronics in Cabinets – tsk, tsk.

Edmonton Humane Society (EHS)  launched an innovative life-saving partnership to prevent animals from suffering in vehicles. 100,000 stickers have been printed and are part of the new “Pets in Vehicles” campaign developed to prevent animals from suffering extreme heat or cold while left alone in a parked vehicle. A car or truck traps air inside and acts like a fridge on cold days and an oven in the summer. On hot days, the inside temperature of a vehicle can soar to 100°F in ten minutes, and to 120°F in thirty minutes even with the windows slightly rolled down or if parked in the shade.

Electronics inside control panels suffer from summer time heat too. Although some are designed for 104°F environments, as the ambient temperature approaches that value, the walls of the panel are less able to transfer the heat from inside. Heat energy of an object travels from high temperature towards zones of lower temperatures. The greater the differential the faster and more energy is transferred which explains the panels diminishing heat transfer as ambient temperatures rise.

EXAIR has a simple solution for beating summertime heat called the Cabinet Cooler. This is a small cylinder mounted through an electrical knock out hole so installation is a snap. Using Vortex Tube technology and compressed air, cool dry air is introduced into the panel then the hot air from the panel is exhausted out through the cooler providing a closed loop system. This eliminates any contamination from entering the panel and ideal for dusty dirty environments. They have no moving parts so they will operate virtually maintenance free.

Keep you electronics safe, don’t leave them alone in non-cooled cabinets!

Predictions are for a hot summer this year. So beat the heat and call our engineers (1-800-903-9247) to size up a cooler for you.

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