Hometown Heroes

A strong storm passed through our area taking down power lines leaving thousands without power during record heat. One quickly realizes how dependant we really are on electricity. The electric can opener would not work making canned goods inaccessible. The stove is electric so couldn’t do any cooking. It came down to warm beer and pretzels. But those go with watching sports and there was no TV (argh!) The power eventually came on and life was good.

Reflecting on the situation, we need to take our hats off to those linemen, who even before the storm has passed, are out there repairing downed lines. Also a shout out to all the community organizations and businesses that had power and air conditioning, for opening their facilities as a respite from the triple digit heat. Yes, these are our hometown heroes.

The storms have passed but the oppressive heat is still with us and is forecasted to be for some time. Now that we are back to work, trying to stay cool is a challenge. An even bigger challenge is to keep the machines from shutting down due to heat overload. EXAIR has a solution with their cabinet coolers. With no moving parts, powered with compressed air, these can produce a 1/4 ton of air conditioning from a small cylinder that fits in the palm of your hand.

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