Don’t Care About Air Consumption? What About Safety?

I recently helped a customer who was looking to improve their compressed air application.  This customer had just gone through a safety audit from a private firm.  The private firm got to the production floor and one of the main problems they saw with the compressed air usage were the hand-held blow guns.   All of the guns the customer was using were commercially available units with “Safety Tips” on them.   The noise level from the commercial guns was sending the sound levels of his production environment to over 90 dBA.  The private firm explained to the customer that the sound level in his environment needs to be less than 84 dBA in order to be safe and the main way to achieve that is to change out their hand-held guns.

This customer contacted us looking for a solution to the problem and it was determined that the model 1100 was an ideal solution to his problem.   The units were going to reduce the compressed air noise level to 74 dBA which is well under his tolerance.  This meant we were able to not only meet the customers needs but we were able to well exceed them.  Another added benefit to retrofitting the EXAIR 1100 to the customers air guns was the fact that the Super Air Nozzle will also ensure all of the hand held guns they are put on will meet or exceed the OSHA standard for 30 psi dead end pressure.

The difference between this customer and most of our other customers is the fact that they were not worried about the volume of air.  They were solely concerned with the safety of their operators.  Their needs were not only met but exceeded by implementing EXAIR’s Intelligent Compressed Air Products and it just so happens a side effect to the installations was they were able to save compressed air on top of not violating their safety guidelines.

If you are facing similar issues in your facility feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you keep your workers and equipment safe.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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