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I recently wrote about how I switched from paying a monthly bill for cable TV to using the free antenna on my roof. While that blog was mainly about the cost savings and the better uses for that money, a friend has inspired me to pursue other benefits.

See, when I told him about what I was doing, and how it didn’t hurt near as bad as I thought it would, he decided to take the plunge and do the same thing. Only he didn’t just start watching free TV instead of cable…he started going to the park for a walk. Then, he started keeping track of the miles he was walking. Then, he started inviting others to walk with him. Now, he’s got a regular walking group that meets at a local park, two evenings a week.

Now, I certainly don’t take credit for all that, in fact, I was a bit humbled, in a “why didn’t I think of that” sort of way. Regardless, it’s cool to see what can happen when you share a good experience with someone else.

We have a customer who wanted to try an air-operated Industrial Vacuum, because of the high and frequent failure rate they were having with electric vacuums. Our conversation reminded me of an ad that I think our Marketing Department “hit one out of the park” with:

Anyway, they purchased a Model 6393 Premium Chip Vac System, complete with a 55-Gallon Drum, drum dolly, and Heavy Duty Tool Kit w/Tool Holder. When that proved successful, they bought three more. Then, they told a neighboring branch about their positive experience – they’re going to try one as well. I feel good about their chance for success.

If you want to find out more about our Industrial Vacuums, we’ve got some great videos for the Chip Vac, the Reversible Drum Vac, and the Chip Trapper.  If you want to discuss a particular application, give us a call.

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2 thoughts on “Spreading The Word

  1. Hi Russ,

    It appears that you are a powerful influencer in your circle. Perhaps your friend had not even thought about a solution, because the problem was not well defined. You made a bold display of thought leadership that articulated change.

    I like the way in which you associated those walks in the park with using word of mouth to lower your company’s cost per sale. Happy customers are certainly the best brand evangelists you can ask for.

    Innovation and quality are great assets for a company with a strong engineering focus, don’t you think? Managing word of mouth as a marketing asset is a clever move that requires ingenuity… you seem to have plenty of that.

    See you on Twitter!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Peter – I’m humbled and honored by them (in that order)! I couldn’t agree more with your comments about the importance, and relevance, of word-of-mouth marketing, innovation, and quality. They’re key ingredients in the recipe for success, and I hope that I do indeed have them in the measure that you see.

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