Made Here, Available Everywhere

So, it’s a widely known fact that the products we make here in Cincinnati are second to none.  A local engineer stopped by a few weeks ago and we collaborated on ideas for a new engine block being produced by one of the big three US auto makers.  This gentleman was doing consulting work for the automaker and needed advice on how to blow out coolant jackets surrounding the cylinders.  We bounced ideas around and came to a good solution to solve the problem and move the project forward.

As we discussed the application and the potential solutions, I was told that he chose EXAIR because our products work, they don’t break, and they get the job done right.  I’ve always had a fondness for products that last, especially when they’re born-and-raised/milled-and-machined in the USA.

A less widely known fact is that we take an active role in how our products are found around the world.  For our international clientele, we bridge the language gap by providing product information in various languages.  At the moment we have a fairly diverse language offering.  We have pages in English, Spanish (Spain/Europe), Spanish (Mexico/South America), German, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Thai, and Chinese.

If you have a constituent in another country, or have a native tongue other than English, check out our international language information!

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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