Chess Moves

Recently I’ve picked up the hobby of playing chess again.  Feeling that my strategic fundamentals were beginning to waiver, I thought this would be a good place to start brushing up.  Along with the chess games, I’ve been reading up on the Strategy and Business postings, which are almost always a good read.

One of the things that has stood out to me is the need for proper strategy, and, moreover, the frequent lack thereof.  I don’t mean this in a demeaning way, but as more of an introspective process.  I found that in my first games of chess my strategy was based more on reaction than forward thinking.  After getting bound up in a few well planned takeovers, I started thinking one, two, or three moves out.  Keeping a contingency plan for my prized pieces (and my queen, however effective, is never ruled out as a sacrifice fly to bring in the win) I started seeing the “tangible” benefits of a good strategy.

For a lot of people and companies, especially in the manufacturing field, good strategy isn’t a choice, it’s a must!  As I think back to the number of end users who’ve said they tried other approaches but got bound up, and eventually made EXAIR a part of their strategic approach, I realize the position we’ve earned in our market.  We’re strategists.  And when our clientele needs to strategize, they call us.  That’s awesome.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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