ETC Electronic Temperature Control is Just What the Customer Ordered

One of our long standing OEM clients serves the power utility, pulp & paper, industrial, petrochemical and commercial nuclear industries in the area of providing diagnostics, sensors and imaging for system control and optimization. In other words, they have their equipment operating in some of the hottest industries around.

In one case our customer had an application for which they needed to use one of our Cabinet Cooler Systems with thermostat control. However, the application dictated that the thermostat control have a visual feedback mechanism included so the operator could verify with a quick look as to the temperature status of this very important panel.

EXAIR does have two different levels of thermostat control. Our standard version which consists of a bi-metal thermostat and a solenoid valve which simply monitors temperature and turns the system on when needed, but there is not any feedback possible.

We also have a second version of our thermostat control we refer to as ETC or Electronic Temperature Control.  The advantage of the ETC in this case was that it provides a digital read out of the actual internal cabinet temperature. The unit can also be adjusted to maintain a set point between 80° – 120°F (27° – 49°C) through push button controls. The unit can also be changed to output the reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.  The enclosure is rated for all applications up to NEMA 4X requirement.

Considering all the above features, the ETC not only provided the customer with their desired feedback, but did so in a clean, ready to use package.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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