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There’s a lot of commotion around the office this week about the IMTS show in Chicago.  Admittedly, I’m eager to join the rest of the crew already making a splash.  However, my excitement is twofold.

Firstly, I’m more than enthused that EXAIR has been invited based on our social media campaigns.  Ingraining social media into the company has been a challenge with hard-fought battles, but we’ve managed to take each lesson in stride and build our brand on the digital level.

Secondly, I’m keenly interested in the rapid prototyping machines on display this year.  I feel like I can’t watch a science show without an engineer running to the 3D printer to make a one-off part that saves the day.  One of my favorite videos showing the 3D printing potential is a more artistic take by Markus Kayser.  Check out the video below.


While there are numerous potential benefits to a manufacturer when considering 3D printing, I have desires on a personal level as well.  Imagine being able to print the hand tool you need for a home project, or make a custom gift to a new homeowner.  My eyes will be wide open this year as I join my comrades in attendance.  (If your planning on going, and aren’t quite sure where to start, IMTS has a MyShow Planner feature on their site.)

Be sure to check the EXAIR Twitter feed for event photos!

Lee Evans

Application Engineer


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