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With all the doom and gloom about the off shoring of American jobs because of lower labor rates overseas, the fact remains that per hours worked, the American worker is among the most productive in the world (ref. European Commission) . The cost effectiveness of outsourcing is beyond the subject of this blog because of governmental policies, tariffs, and regulations. What is the subject matter is how the American worker is so productive. In a word, technology. What humans used to do, machines are now doing with repeatability and safety.

Here is an example how one of our customers that makes axles, automated clearing broach oil from freshly cut splines .

Using an EXAIR model 2403SS stainless steel air wipe installed in the top of a collection box, the oily shafts are inserted down through the air wipe to get a 360 degree blow off.


axle splines

Previously an operator had to manually wipe off the oil. By eliminating this mundane low skill operation, the operator is free to perform more productive higher skill level tasks. So there in lies why the American worker is so productive.

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