Keep It Cool


One of my favorite things about working at EXAIR in the winter months is that colder weather and drier air lead to more static.  We have a full range of static eliminators for industrial applications and find solutions for our customers daily.   I like that, but secretly I enjoy the winter months here because I can jump into the test lab and remove all the static from my clothes.  (Nothing else seems to work!)

Along with the array of static related applications I’ve still fielded calls for other purposes.  For example, I spoke to a gentleman yesterday about cooling the drill chuck of a CNC machine as a component was “sweated” into place.  The problem the OEM faced was a long cool down time after the two items were joined.

We’ve had a few posts about convective heat transfer in the past, and this was another prime example.  Using an Air Amplifier to direct a large volume of ambient air toward the chuck was determined to be the best solution.

We spoke late yesterday afternoon and again this morning.  The follow up call was to place the order and offer a thank you for “great engineering staff and support”.

Even with the colder weather in effect, cooling related application concerns are still present.  If you have any questions about an application with which you think we can help, give us a call.  We’d love to talk.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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