Unique Application – Testing a Bus Roof for Air Leaks

The list of applications for EXAIR products grows every day.  There are the typical blowoff and cooling applications with which EXAIR Application Engineers are knowledgeable and have cultivated expertise.  There are also “non-standard” applications as well, such as using an EXAIR Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD) to find leakage in the roof of a bus.

Bus Roof

In the sketch above, the proposed solution is to use the model 9061 ULD to find sub par welds in the roof of a bus.  Typically the ULD is used for compressed air system audits and efficiency monitoring, so this application will require the weld seam to be pressurized.  If any air leaks through the seam creating an ultrasonic noise, our ULD will help to pinpoint the leak and ensure an air (and water) tight seal on the roof of the bus.

Each application is different and each deserves a unique approach.  EXAIR has a full staff of engineers to help with your unique application.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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