Doubling Down

As long as I’ve been doing my own grocery shopping, I’ve been a fan of coupons. I don’t know how long the practice has been around, but I remember how cool I thought it was when certain grocery stores started offering “double coupon” promotions. Then, where I lived anyway, it became standard practice, all the time, and almost all the stores would do it, because, hey, who wants to be the one who doesn’t? I think it’s telling that the store in my part of town that chose not to double the coupon values – instead opting for “everyday low prices” in their advertising – is now out of business.

If you’re familiar at all with EXAIR, you may already know that we run seasonal promotions…qualifying purchases from a particular product line will get you a “freebie” of some sort. For instance, right now, with Spring Cleaning season right around the corner, we’re giving away a free Vac-u-Gun system with an Industrial Vacuum purchase.

Since I’m in unabashed full-on advertising mode, I’m compelled to say “but wait; there’s more!” Although it was supposed to end a week ago, we’ve extended our Static Eliminators promotion, which means you can get a free AC Tester when you buy a Super Ion Air Knife, Ion Air Gun, Ionizing Bar, or any of our other Static Eliminators.

If you need help with product selection, whether you’re getting rid of messes around the shop, or getting rid of static charge in your production line, an EXAIR Application Engineer can help – give us a call!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
(513)671-3322 local
(800)923-9247 toll free
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