The Door Is Always Open


One of the avenues we offer for our customers to contact us, is by phone.  It almost seems old fashioned considering the number of emails and online IM conversations (chats) we have on a daily basis.  But, its tried and true.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with end users of our product in Texas.  They’ve purchased countless items from us over the years and due to an on-site accident needed a replacement item for one of our Safety Air Guns.  We have several styles with various models in each offering, so I felt some doubt we were at exactly the right place.

To erase the doubt and confirm the necessary part to the end user, I took a few photos of the spares and sent them over.  It turns out we were right on the money, but having visual confirmation gave the extra security needed to order without hesitation.  And, of course, we created another again-satisfied customer.

If you have an application or EXAIR related question, the door is always open.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer


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