Bottle Blow Off


Well I survived the Cincinnati  annual beer fest. Live music, 200 craft beers, and food trucks line the streets around Fountain Square. Totally impossible to imbibe it all but I did my best. And yes I had to let my belt out a notch and take a couple of aspirin.

Micro breweries are now a noticeable part of the beer industry. I don’t know if it is a fad or that it is just better beer. In any event EXAIR is getting more calls from these small shops for our air knives to blow dry bottles. Word of mouth among the players in this industry has been a driving factor. When they find out what EXAIR air knives can do for them and experience the technical support they receive from us, they are eager to share it with their friends in the business.



We have been doing bottle blow off in the food ad beverage industry for some time. Their ease of installation, quiet operation and laminar air flow does an exceptional job of removing moisture. If you have a blow off application that you would like assistance with, feel welcomed to contact our engineers at 1-800-903-9247.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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