EXAIR Super Air Wipe and Atomizing Nozzle Team Up to Clean Pipe and Apply Anti-corrosion Fluid


Our customer manufactures roll formed profiles such as tube, pipe, angle, flat bar, metal deck, etc. All are produced in cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel and galvanized steel. When they contacted EXAIR, their roll-former line needed a couple of solutions from EXAIR.

The process of roll forming tubes and pipes generates high temperatures because of the welding to close the tube. Thus, a lot of water is used to cool the tube while welding and avoid over heating of machine and material. This water is causing the pipe and tube to rust within a couple hours of processing. The customer’s pipe size ranges in size from ½” up to 2-1/4” outside diameter. The line speed of the machine is about 40 ft./minute.

The customer knew what they needed to do which was to blow off the water and apply an anti-corrosion type fluid to the pipe. They just didn’t know where to find such solutions until they found EXAIR. After short discussion, I recommended they start with EXAIR Model 2404 (4” Super Air Wipe) to enable blow off of the outside of their pipes to get them dry. Then 2 pcs. Of Model SR1020SS (Siphon Fed Round output) Atomizing nozzles placed on either side of the pipe and adjusted to apply a thin film of atomized anti-corrosion fluid to the outside.

In all, adding these two components to their processing line eliminated the need for future media blasting to get rid of the rust and hand-sprayer application of the same anti-corrosion fluid.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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